February 12, 2019

In The During

Scrolling through Instagram or reading diet books I am inspired by the before and afters. I am usually motivated by seeing successes. I love witnessing the amazing transformations. It helps me. It makes me believe I can get there too.

But I’m not before or after right now. I am in the during phase of a major shift in how I think of eating and food. It’s the during that you don’t really see anywhere. I am knee deep in the during. I want to see change. I want my jeans to feel slightly looser. But so far, there really hasn’t been any change, at least not the dramatic, look at this success story, you are amazing, woo hoo, sort of way.

I understand that change takes time, it takes patience, it takes consistency. You don’t get to Transformation Tuesday without dozens and dozens of Mundane Mondays. I am in the slog, the trenches. The results I want will only come after months/years of careful practice, intentional eating, deliberate movement. Oh, and water, a shit ton of water.

I am practicing a few of these mantras or affirmations. I am reminding myself that during is the whole ball game. Really we’re all in the during, even after the scale or size changes. Here are my affirmations today, about being present and patient in the during.

  • Motivation is a firework. Motivation doesn’t last. Consistency is the main ingredient of everything you’ve ever accomplished.
  • Big transformations in your health are a product of dozens of tiny decisions, made every hour.
  • If you wander off the path it’s okay. Stop, turn around, and put one foot in front of the other until you’re back on that track you laid out for yourself.
  • Meet the moment of temptation with a deep breath, a slow glass of water, and a reminder that you’re in control.
  • Hunger isn’t an emergency. Food is available to you. You are blessed that this is so. And you can wait.


  • I’m enjoying your writing…I hope you keep it up! As for fasting….start looking for other signs that it’s starting to work. I know for me, I looked in the mirror and did a double-take…at 58 years old, all of a sudden, I have the best complexion of my life! There have been a couple more surreal changes…but not so much on the scale, although I do think I’m starting to see a ribcage!

  • Great affirmations! And I can relate to your blog post. Rick Hanson- a neurologist and Buddhist meditation teacher has written about viewing motivation as a “positive emotion”- and something to be cultivated. This resonates and is helpful to me. So listening to podcasts and reading about healthy nutrition and lifestyle changes keeps the fire stoked for me- actually, too much IG does not work for me… there are so many photos of food.. and bodies- IDK, for me I noticed that IG can easily undermine my actions- even though it’s entertining to scroll scroll scroll.
    So many great podcasts out there- Found My Fitness, Primal Blueprint, Nourish Balance Thrive- even though those for example specifically have a Paleo view- the info tends to just be solid good energy and motivation.
    BTW- 3 weeks in for me to 19/5 intermittent fasting and yes, I’ve lost inches- most notocibly in my bust. ?
    And lastly, I really appreciate your graphics and IG feed style?

    • Thank you so much!! I love hearing how other people are experiencing this journey. And I totally agree on the IG – sometimes the food at the wrong time is just counterproductive to me. I am going to keep my insta feed food free and so appreciate that you like the style!!

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