February 13, 2019

Daily Eating Rhythm Poem

Trying to learn not to use food to break up my day. It’s a thing.

Each morning I wake up, before I put on my make up, I have a little eggs and toast.

Each midday I stop work, right about noon like clockwork, I have a little sandwich treat.

Each day at around four, I nibble and snack more.

I love my family table so to linger I eat as much as I’m able.

And then when it’s dark out, I get all the chips and pop out.

But now that I’m fasting? How do I mark days short or lasting?

The rhythm you see is almost as important as the food to me.

Now without food till night, how will I clock the day right?

I must learn a new beat and track the rhythms in some way other than when I eat.

Okay, that’s my little poem. But seriously, I’m struggling a bit with breaking up the day using things other than food or meals. It’s not a huge deal. Just something I’ve noticed. And something I suspect will change over time. But it is a thing.

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