March 20, 2019

Boldy Go!

I have been quiet here for a while. I just didn’t know if I could handle the slowness. The lack of results compared to all the amazing, fast, incredible, successes of other people in Facebook Groups was getting to me.

But I didn’t stop. I just put my head down. I’ve continued 18 hour fasts about four days a week. And then admittedly let it go the other three days. I told myself that was what I could live with. But then a couple things happened.

I measured myself. And even though my scale has only notched down a little bit. Since the first week of February I’ve lost seven inches. Wait. What? Yep. With only a few pounds lost I actually lost inches in my middle. (Bust, waist, and hips.) That. Is. Something.

I’m doing this. And what’s more, I wanted to see if I could stretch my fasting window a little more. Could nineteen or twenty be achievable? That’s what I tried today.

I didn’t make a big thing of it, I just stopped thinking about eating at three p.m. I exercised at the end of the window, then showered, and then puttered around, and boom. It was four p.m. and I’d done twenty-one hours without too much trouble. So I waited for one more hour.

I officially fasted twenty-two hours. Ate dinner and had dessert. Then BOOM. Window closed again. Will One Meal A Day (OMAD) be the thing that I do now? I don’t know. I really don’t. But I may try again tomorrow. I mean why not? Maybe I focus on doing other things when eighteen hours hits and see if I can casually walk by twenty-two hours?

I am comparing this to being on Star Trek. I’m boldly going into uncharted territory. Uncharted for me anyway. Can I do this? It did feel like a space walk. Like oh? Hey! I’m out here in this weird atmosphere and I’m okay.

I am not making any pronouncements or predictions. I’m just going to do it again. And see. Maybe OMAD here I come? Or not. This first twenty-two-hour fast experience certainly made me think that One Meal A Day may not be a moonshot after all. One small step for fast-kind…one giant leap for this woman conquering her fasting fears.

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