January 21, 2019

Intermittent Fasting Newbie

Day One. I chose to try for a 16 hour fast with an eight hour window. I would love to be able to work up to one meal a day or even a thirty-six hour window but it is my first day. I want to give myself the optimum chance as success. As such, I think this generous window works. So today, day one, I fasted all day, with only black coffee and water. And at three p.m. my window opened. This meant that essentially a lunch and a dinner would happen in my eating window.

When my window opened I was struck with a spike of panic that I would choose the wrong food to break the fast. But that has to stop. Fearing food, counting points, calories, carbs, macros, and regrets were overwhelming me. This isn’t life. The endless cycle of binge, deprive, good, bad needs to end. And that is another reason for me to hope that intermittent fasting is the right path. I’ve chosen to consciously ascribe ZERO qualities to my food. It’s food. That’s it.

Right now food has power over my mind and my body. And I need to switch that around. Food needs to nourish me, fuel me, but not control how I feel about any particular day. I suppressed the panic that I was going to choose incorrectly and had a damn vegetable.

I have chosen to eat the way I think is the best for my body. I am going to double the vegetable portions of my main meal, this worked when I was on paleo to keep me satisfied, it also inspired my creativity in preparing side dishes, and it helped me keep the high carbohydrate items under control.

I am eating carbs. I think eliminating macro nutrients pushes me to rebound. So, if I want a potato, or whole wheat bread, I’ll have it with my dinner.

I focused on drinking water today. And two long walks. I am trying to be kind to myself. I’ll do the weight lifting or high intensity cardio some other day.

I made it to my window with a few stomach growls but nothing I couldn’t ignore. They subsided. I decided to have a snack when my window opened and I enjoyed a red bell pepper sprinkled with a couple of tablespoons of mozzarella cheese, a few ounces of turkey, and a handful of grapes.

Dinner was an instant pot chicken, sweet potatoes, and green beans. I also allowed myself a clementine later, as a dessert.

I felt good. Tentatively good. But the storm clouds are never strong on your maiden voyage. The turbulence is minor here on day one.

I know from experience that the rough air comes later.

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