January 26, 2019

Comebacks for the Intermittent Fasting Critics in Your Life

I have only told a few people in my circle that I’m intermittent fasting. First of all, my life, my body, my food, so it’s not their business. BUT when everyone at lunch the other day saw my coffee and water with lemon there were a few questions. I answered and then changed the subject. LOOK! Shiney thing over there! I’m not an expert yet, so can’t really preach the gospel of IF. My toe is in the water is all. Though I am committed, telling others how and why is a longer conversation.

Even in this small circle, there are a few standard reactions. While I may not be a scientist, with a powerpoint on insulin resistance at the ready, I am quick with the comeback. Here are the ways I’m handling the shock and awe when someone learns what I’m doing. Feel free to employ these comebacks as needed.

  • Reaction: You’re going to ruin your metabolism! Me: Actually the opposite is true. Short fasts boost metabolism. Would you like to see the research?
  • Reaction: All you have to do is move more and eat less. It’s simple. Me: Thanks. I’ve never heard that before! WOW! I’ll try it. (It’s hard not to say this without a dollop of sarcasm.)
  • Reaction: Moderation. Everything in moderation. Me: I’m more a pedal to the medal person. That’s why you love me! (Said with a sincere smile, the moderation thing is sure to piss you off so you have to be extra sweet.)
  • Reaction: That’s not safe! You could damage your health! Me: What isn’t safe is my blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint pain, and shitty balance at this weight. My doctor gave me the A-OK!
  • Reaction: Aren’t you hungry? Me: No, I feel great during the fast. It helps me stick to my healthy nutrition goals when it is time for me to eat.
  • Reaction: You need to eat five small meals a day. Me: Humans adapted and survived and thrived by doing well when food was scarce. Ask the cavemen. (Add a wink here, it’s really too much to go into right?)
  • Reaction: You won’t be able to think! Me: I’m thinking more clearly now than when I obsessed over how to fit the right amount of carbs, calories, points, and macros into my five small meals a day.
  • Reaction: Calories in, calories out. That’s it. Me: Tell it to The Biggest Loser Contestants.
  • Reaction: You’ll have zero energy! Me: What’s that you say? I’m sorry I didn’t hear you, I’m on my treadmill.
  • Reaction: I’ve tried everything. You look great. How do I do it? Me: Here are two books to start your research. Show them to your doctor too.
  • Reaction: I could never do that. Me: Then don’t. Now tell me about your brilliant children/grandchildren/pets/self. (Customize on a case by case basis.)

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