January 29, 2019

The Fast and the Curious

Curious. I have to admit. That’s what I was when I started intermittent fasting last week. I was curious, could I sustain a fasting and eating window for more than one day in a row? But I would test drive this way of eating and see where it took me.

I chose to fast from eight at night to three in the afternoon, to start. My eating window was three to eight. I discovered that this is completely sustainable. I also decided not to fret about how I opened my window. I would eat what I wanted. For the week, as a whole, I discovered, that I could do this. But it wasn’t without a few speed bumps.

I skidded on Saturday, for sure. I kept my window open longer than I planned and I ate late, at midnight. I believe it was because I stayed up later than normal, it was a weekend, and I relaxed my resolve and control. BECAUSE I’d ruined the eight p.m. fast I also ate all over the place on Sunday.

This was also good to know. When I let go, I really let go. And that’s not what I want to do in the early stages of this way of eating and while I’m in a weight loss mode, as opposed to maintenance. I’m not treating any deviation or fork in the road as a failure. I’m treating it all as data. I am curious about my body’s reaction to this new plan and like a scientist, I am recording my results. I’m not chastising myself for eating ever again. Period. Life is too short for that. My milage varies depending on the quality of the fuel and the length of the drive, that’s all.

Over the course of seven days, I’ve lost an average of 2.5 pounds. I weighed in each day, divided by 7 and there I am. I will continue this method. A day up or a day down is just information, data, the number on the scale is not an indictment or cause for some epic reward. It just is.

I am now curious about that open window. What will happen if I manage the calories differently than I did in the first week?

I am reading Fast 800 and thinking about experimenting with 800 hundred calories in my window. I may try it for a day to see how it feels. And if it is doable, does it impact the data on the scale? Curious to see.

Delusion, hope, disappointment, guilt, virtue, vice, depression, elation, I’m not taking you along on this ride anymore. I am driving in the curious lane, with the window down and the breeze in my hair.

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